Por qué los economistas llegaron tarde al big data

Como esta tecnología ofrece un gran volumen de datos, pero poca información sobre un aspecto particular, se demoró su adopción

“Cuando tenés un martillo todos los problemas se parecen a un clavo”, reza la así llamada ley del instrumento, enunciada por el filósofo americano Abraham Maslow allá por los sesenta en relación a la sobreconfianza en una herramienta, ya sea porque el analista invirtió demasiado en ella o porque está de moda.

Un argentino y un venezolano miden su propia inflación con mil millones de precios por día

Alberto Cavallo y Robert Rigobon, economistas del MIT, comenzaron con la web Inflación Verdadera tras la intervención del Indec, pero ahora estiman la suba de precios todos los días en más de 60 países.
La intervención del Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Censos (Indec) produjo un giro académico para dos economistas a más de 8.500 kilómetros de distancia.

Online Prices Indicate Russian Inflation Spike After Ruble Decline

Russia’s economy looks eerily similar to the 1998 Russian financial crisis which was also characterized by significant declines in the price of oil, a significant decline in the Ruble, sharp hikes in the central bank’s key rate, and now a significant run-up in inflation according to data from PriceStats which tracks daily inflation in 22 countries including Russia by monitoring online prices.

Oil Is Dragging Down Prices Faster Than Official Price Index Can Capture

onsumer prices around the world are pulling back so rapidly, along with the collapse of oil prices, that official measures of inflation have yet to capture the magnitude of the decline. But the Billion Prices Project, which scrapes the Internet daily to capture changing prices online, is recording a significant and broadening plunge in consumer prices.

Inflation Truth, Really

I’m in Argentina for the day — literally (stuff came up, forcing me to make this a very quick visit; sorry, no time for media interviews or anything not already booked). And I thought it might be worth telling people something they may not know about the history of MIT’s Billion Prices Project.

This billionaire thinks the Fed is missing the hyperinflation in the Hamptons

The prices of houses in the Hamptons and high-end art are the “leading edge of hyperinflation.”
Never underestimate the ingenuity of inflation truthers. Every time it seems like they’ve hit rock bottom intellectually, they manage to come up with new and even more ridiculous reasons for why inflation is supposedly higher than the official numbers say it is.

Another Reason Not to Fear Inflation

The Fed shouldn’t worry too much about the recent surge in consumer prices. It’s most likely a catch-up after a tough winter.
U.S. inflation has been accelerating in recent months, presenting the Federal Reserve with a tricky question as it decides how quickly to remove stimulus from the U.S. economy: Is the rise in prices a precursor of things to come or simply a “catching up” phase as people begin to spend again after a brutal winter?

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